Current Focus


I am working on a series of paintings show the dynamic and powerful nature of the sea, waves and  surf. Movement and fluidity and  the way light on water reflects its surroundings are  also part of the fasination for me. At the same time I am continuing to build  a collection of water and seascapes with which show people enjoying the sea.  


Time stands still so you cam focus on the inticate and  comlpex form of a wave as it hurtles towards you

Winter Surfer at Scarborough

The wet suited surfer braves the blustery conditions to make the most of the winter surf at scarborough

Last wave of the day

As one of those precious sunny days on the beach comes to a close surfers search for that last good wave

Keeping Watch

A mother keeps a watchful eye on her ofspring as theytake to the waves on Porthmear beach in Cornwall

Lone surfer

A blustery daywith storm clouds brewing nevertheless the draw of the surf is still there

Crashing Waves

The waves crash and cascade over the rocks. Stand to close to this one and you are gooing to get a soaking