What I like to Paint

My paintings range  across representational to more semi abstract  styles. References to where the land meets the sea often appear in my work.  When painting  I am after the light  particularily as it interacts with water. Another favourite theme is the power of the waves and capturing the drama and impact of the sea. So  a variety of moods and emotional responses are invoked.  In some cases I want a sense of movement and  at other times tranquility and stillness.

Depth Texture and Form

Painting for me is the two dimensional representation of something three dimensional. So creating a sense of depth,  distance and form are key. When painting waves and the sea I often build up the paint  in a more impasto way to create depth and texture.  Other than that it is a question of detailed examination of the subject to capture the essential details and tones that will convey the image I am after and the mood I am looking for. 


Figurative elements

I am  often drawn to including people in my coastal paintings. It is at least on the coast a lived in environment so I like to depict the many and varied ways people enjoy the sea. 


I am rarely out and about without a camera. Sometimes its  just gathering reference material for paintings but often its with one eye for that moment when something interesting frames itself in the lens or in my mind. Like a collector I also tend to migrate towards cetain types of images, reflections and water are a constant source of fasination as are trees  and people in the landscape.