My Art

I am always doing something creative. Sculpting sketching painting and generally experimenting. Opposite is an early attempt at installation art using me and some easter egg boxes.

Eclectic Aproach

My art is wide ranging and eclectic in style and materials. I like to experiment with different mediums and push them as far as I can. I am often working on several projects at once and love starting something new and fresh. I find finishing work more difficult and often come back to a piece and rework it until it gives up and tells me no more I am complete. Opposite is a picture that goes around a corner I did a couple of years ago

Digital Tools

As well as painting I like to use a range of tools including photography and  digital painting  tools. These allow a great deal of freedom in working out compositions and trying out different  colour sets and tonal ranges. Digital tools are for me  just another medium for expression and can produce some stunning results that would be difficult if not impossible to create using other more traditional media